Breaking Down the Different Types of Interventional Radiology Jobs Available

Today, cancer is one of the top killers in the world. There are almost 20 million new cases and 9.7 million related deaths every year, which is a sad reality.

The relatively modern invention of radiology has changed many people’s lives though, especially since it helps significantly with early screening. So if you want to make a difference, this is a good field to go into.

Are you now interested in the different types of interventional radiology jobs available? Then keep reading. We’ll give you several to consider.

Interventional Radiologist

Let’s start with the main star: the interventional radiologist. This is a doctor who specializes in performing minimally invasive procedures using imaging techniques such as X-rays, as well as CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds. These medical professionals can do procedures such as angioplasty, stent replacement, embolization, tumor ablation, biopsies, and catheter insertions.

To become an interventional radiologist, you must get a medical degree (MD or MO). Not only that, but you must also complete a residency in radiology, and then fellowship training in interventional radiology.

Interventional Radiology Nurse

If you don’t want to go through the rigorous training to become a doctor, then consider being an interventional radiology nurse instead. You’ll still need a nursing degree (RN) and additional training or certification in this field, but it won’t be as competitive or as challenging.

As this nurse, you’ll provide pre- and post-procedure care to patients. For example, you’ll perform patient preparation, monitor vital signs, assist during procedures, and give patient education.

Interventional Radiology Physician Assistant (PA)

A PA mainly performs patient management tasks, such as conducting assessments and follow-ups. They’ll also manage pre- and post-procedural care. In addition, you’ll work under interventional radiologists to perform various procedures.

To become an interventional radiology PA, you’ll need a master’s degree. Plus, you’ll have to go through specialized training or experience in the field.

Interventional Radiology Technologist

One of the best radiology careers to get a quick start in is this one. You’ll only need an associate or bachelor’s degree in radiologic technology, with specialized training in interventional radiology, such as those through radiology CE courses.

A radiologic technologist prepares and operates medical imaging equipment. They ensure that the doctor gets quality images. Plus, they do:

  • Patient positioning
  • Sterile field maintenance
  • Catheter assistance
  • Wire manipulation

Interventional Radiology Administrative Roles

Don’t like the medical side of interventional radiology? Then try administrative roles instead.

In this role, you’ll ensure the smooth operation of the department. You’ll manage both the operational and business aspects of your workplace. Additional duties include:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing
  • Compliance
  • Staff management

The education level required will vary depending on where you work. You may need a degree in healthcare administration or a related field.

Explore These Interventional Radiology Jobs

Those who are interested in the medical field should explore the above interventional radiology jobs. No matter which role you choose, you’ll be helping people and their loved ones navigate the scary world of cancer.

While it may be difficult at times, any job you choose will be rewarding. And not every career requires extensive education, so you’ll be working in no time.

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