Anoro vs. Trelegy: Understanding the Similarities and Differences

These two diseases have several things in common. Both come with high incidences of psychosis. Both have a present but unknown cause and spread between people. Both are found in most areas of the world. However, there are differences between Anoro and Trelegy, as well as the diseases themselves.

Read on to learn about both Anoro Vs Trelegy so that you can determine the similarities and differences. Then, you can decide which condition you think you or your loved one may have.

What Is Anoro?

Anoro is a type of medication used to help treat asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases. It is a combination of two long-acting bronchodilators-umeclidinium and vilanterol.

These two compounds work together to open up airways and make breathing easier. The combination can also help reduce inflammation. This is a major contributor to many of these chronic diseases. It is an inhalation medication. It is usually taken via an inhaler at least twice a day. 

What Is Trelegy?

It is a combination of three medicines – fluticasone furoate, umeclidinium, and vilanterol. This combination works to reduce inflammation. It also relaxes the muscles around the airways in order to allow for easier breathing. Patients will also find that Trelegy provides additional symptom relief, such as reducing coughing and improving overall lung function.

Trelegy is typically prescribed to patients with moderate to severe COPD who have already taken a long-acting bronchodilator on its own. When taken as directed, Trelegy can provide lasting relief and improved quality of life for those suffering from COPD.


UMEC is an inhaled long-acting muscarinic antagonist, and VI is a long-acting beta-2 agonist. Both medications are given by inhalation and work by relaxing the muscles in the airways to improve symptom control and reduce the number of exacerbations or flare-ups caused by COPD.

Anoro and Trelegy both allow the patient to take one inhalation per day, which results in improved medication adherence and an increased chance for better treatment outcomes. Both medications can also help reduce the need for hospitalizations or emergency room visits due to COPD exacerbation.


Both inhalers are expensive, but Trelegy Ellipta is more costly than the Anoro Ellipta price. The price of Trelegy is higher due to its higher potency and longer-acting duration.

However, aside from the prices, there are a few key differences between Anoro and Trelegy. Anoro contains two active substances, umeclidinium, and vilanterol, to help open the airways.

While Trelegy contains three, umeclidinium, vilanterol, and fluticasone, Trelegy also comes in a once-daily dose, while Anoro must be taken twice daily.

Finally, Anoro is approved for both COPD and asthma, whereas Trelegy is only approved for COPD. Both inhalers are highly effective at treating COPD, and your doctor can help you decide which one is right for you.

Learn More About Anoro vs Trelegy

Overall, Anoro vs Trelegy is an important topic to understand for anyone suffering from COPD. Anoro and Trelegy both have pros and cons, and a doctor should be consulted before making a decision.

If you are considering Anoro vs Trelegy, then make an appointment today with your doctor to learn more about which medication would be best for you.

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