A Guide to the Best Cruises for Adults in 2024

The cruise industry offers one of the most exciting and leisurely ways to travel, with large ships featuring more amenities than the mind can conjure. Bookings for cruises are 70 percent higher than pre-COVID levels, with cruise ships providing an excellent escape from work.

The most relaxing option to consider if you’re set on going on a cruise is to find cruise options without kids. Your cruise will be peaceful, and you won’t need to deal with children on iPads with the volume turned up. Finding the best cruises for adults will enhance your vacation plans.

Fortunately, you’ve come to this helpful guide to find the best options to consider when planning a cruise. Continue reading to book your next vacation today!

Viking Cruises

Viking cruises are among the best options when planning a cruise free from children. The minimum age for these cruises is 18, and the primary target market is for adults 40 and over. It’s an excellent option if you want to book with a cruise line taking you to beautiful destinations and new cultures.

Viking Cruises ventures to the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica, providing abundant history and nature. A top feature to look forward to when booking your cruise is the Nordic Spa. The spa is accessible to all guests on the ship, adding value and relaxation to your cruise vacation.

Other valuable perks include free WiFi while on the ship and complimentary wine and beer with meals. The unique Scandinavian design is another benefit of choosing Viking Cruises.

Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises is another option worth considering if you’re planning a cruise and want to avoid children. Saga is a British cruise line that caters to the 50 and older crowd, helping you enjoy a pleasant experience aboard the ship. All cruisers must be 50 or older to board the ship.

Saga visits beautiful destinations, including the Baltic region, the British Isles, Norway, Greenland, and the Americas. It’s a fantastic way to see more of the world while enjoying a luxurious vacation.

One of the best perks of booking a cruise with Saga is the access to a balcony. Each cabin has a balcony, allowing you and your guests to enjoy ocean views throughout the journey.

The WiFi is free, and all gratuities are included for Saga Cruises. Meals and drinks are also covered during the cruise, including premium spirits and beverages. There’s no risk when planning a cruise with Saga, as they offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your cruising experience.

The only drawback is that each Saga vessel departs from the United Kingdom. Consider using the circumstances to your benefit by enjoying more time in England, Scotland, and Wales before or after your booked cruise.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages provides a cruise experience catered to single adults. The minimum age for Virgin Cruises is 18, and the target demographic is cruisers who are young at heart. The destinations range from the Caribbean to the South Pacific and everywhere in between.

If you’re departing from the United States, you can also take advantage of trans-Atlantic cruises to spend more time across the pond. When aboard the ship, you’ll find over 20 dining options, all covered by the cost of your booking.

Fitness classes are also included when planning a cruise with Virgin Voyages. It’s an excellent cruise option if you’re looking for a vacation focused on nightlife and having fun with other cruisers.

The environment on the ship is geared toward fun adults, and it’s unsuitable for young families. The experience caters to young adults who want to enjoy a vibrant entertainment experience and roll out of bed late to eat brunch.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

If you’re looking for a luxury cruising experience, Regent Seven Seas is a top brand to book with. The pricing is high and designed to push young families with children away. Alcohol is included with the price of your booking, and guests will enjoy the mini bars in each cabin.

The cuisine is geared toward fine dining enthusiasts, with decadent dishes for cultured palates. Combined with the destinations, you’ll get your money’s worth when cruising with Regent Seven Seas. The brand offers cruises to Alaska, Bermuda, Europe, and Oceania.

Exploring your cruise options will help you enjoy the vacation experience you deserve. Consider bundling your Regent Seven Seas cruise with a saronic islands cruise to get the most from your time away from work.

The amenities are impressive, with the cruise line covering your airfare to arrive at the port. Before boarding the ship, you’ll enjoy a complimentary free night at a local hotel. Guests enjoy unlimited WiFi and comfortable suites.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the few cruise brands catering their services to young adults who do not have children. The over-18 cruisers will have several sun decks to choose from. Several amenities are catered to this crowd, with a fitness center, casinos, and late-night Piano Bar experiences.

The destinations are far-ranging. You can choose from cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. Guests will enjoy shows from Broadway and West End for onboard entertainment. Deck parties and waterfront dining are other luxury experiences the Norwegian Cruise Line provides.

The ideal target market for the brand is cruisers between 20 and 30 years old. The nightlife makes it a memorable experience for young adults who want to avoid screaming toddlers while away from the office.

Spend time at the Vibe Beach Club or The Haven while aboard the ship. These regions are adults-only, allowing you to party at the open-air nightclubs.

Book the Best Cruises for Adults Today

Planning a cruise is exciting, and the journey is better when you visit destinations you love without hearing wailing children at dinner or on the sun deck. Going on a cruise with Norwegian or Viking Cruises will provide a break from reality and children, helping you relax and explore new destinations. Virgin Voyages is another option to consider for young adults.

Your travel plans are the escape you deserve from work, stress, and your children. Read our Travel content to find ideas for your next getaway today!

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