A Guide to Deriving Vastu Benefits with a Durga Maa Idol for Home

Maa Durga epitomises victory over evil, power, goodness, strength, and protection against all negativity and ills. So, buying a Durga idol or gifting it to someone you care about can bring positivity, peace, good fortune, and good health in abundance. Family relationships can improve and everyone will gain the courage to do what is just. The divine goddess’s presence can also eliminate all problems, tribulations, and challenges from your life besides adding to your home décor. However, it is important to know where and how to place the idol, so that it is compliant with Vastu Shastra and facilitates the easy flow of the right kind of energy.

Which direction is ideal for placing Durga Maa’s idol?

East and north-east directions are considered most suitable for placing a silver or  gold coated Durga Mataidol as they attract prosperity, peace, success, wealth, and harmony. If the idol receives sunlight sometime during the day, its beauty will also amplify manifold.

Since the west is associated with negative energy and obstacles, avoid placing the deity in this direction. The south is also not a favourable option as it can usher in conflict and aggression. 

Which room should have Durga Maa’s idol?

After buying a Durga Maa idol for home, make sure you place it in a spot that is serene and quiet. The environment should not be noisy, dirty, or cluttered as it can negatively impact your prayers and meditation in front of the goddess. It also indicates disrespect and disregard for her powers and blessings. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Whether you opt for a gold coated Durga Mata idol or something in silver, brass, or bronze, place it in an adequately lit area. The location should either receive ample natural light from a nearby window or have beautiful artificial lighting. This will create a happy, positive, and hopeful environment as well, and encourage meditation and worship.
  • If you have a designated prayer room or home temple, it will be best to place the deity there. Make sure the idol’s back is to the west and it is seated on an elevated surface. Keep the surface clean at all times.
  • You can also keep your Durga Maa idol for home in the living room to create a blissful and welcoming vibe. However, the idol must not face the entrance directly as it can impede the energy flow.
  • Avoid placing the deity in the kitchen or a bedroom as it should ideally be kept separate from everyday hustle bustle.

Other things to remember before buying a Durga Maa idol

To ensure Vastu compliance, make sure the idol is proportional to the dimensions of the room where you plan to keep it. Avoid keeping a small idol in a big room and vice versa. This will take care of aesthetics as well. Also, go for a gold coated Durga Mata idol or a piece that uses metals. It will not only look grand and eye-catching, but also stand the test of time. Remember that glass or clay idols are more likely to break or get damaged.

How to worship Durga Maa

Once you buy a Durga Maa idol for home and place it in a Vastu-friendly manner, it is important to make sure she feels welcome and respected. So, light a diya, incense sticks, and camphor in front of her every day and offer your prayers with flowers like marigold, red hibiscus, or jasmine. Keep a pot filled with water, soil, and barley seeds in front of the deity. On a special thali, offer her fruits and sweets. You can also draw a colourful rangoli to make the prayer session more beautiful. Finally, perform aarti in a clockwise motion while chanting the Durga mantra, express your gratitude, and ask for Durga Maa’s blessings.  

Get ready to welcome Durga Maa

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