8 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Does your bathroom space feel too small? Well, you aren’t alone, as many people are looking for ways to make their bathrooms bigger. A little design magic is all you need to ensure yours feels bigger and better. Research, tips, and inspiration can help you achieve your design goals.

That’s what this article will help you learn. It looks into various design elements, including adding items like a small freestanding tub that will fit your space. Read on for all the simple additions you can make in your small bathroom to ensure it looks and feels bigger.

Let’s get started.

  1. Brighten the Room

Light can have a significant impact on any room. Your bathroom can feel more spacious if you brighten it up. Besides light, you can also use bright wall paintings and floor tiles to add more light to the bathroom. That may not add more space, but it will bring the desired feel.

Ensure you pick a good color for the paint. As said before, using the same color for the walls, ceilings and tiles will do it for you. Maintain a similar color scheme that will contribute to the overall look you want to achieve in the end.

  1. Mirrors Are Key

Many people forget to add mirrors to their bathrooms. But then, they have a significant impact when added to small spaces. However, you should start to consider adding mirrors to your space if you love them. Not everyone wants to see themselves in a mirror when taking a shower.

If you enjoy it, adding mirrors should be top of your list. For instance, you should have a mirror near your freestanding soaking tub and at the shower. That will make it easier for you to enjoy the view of your room as you soak. It will also make it spacious and add beauty to the space.

  1. Join Bathtub and Shower

A small bathroom shouldn’t limit your choices. You can make it feel big by adding a joint bathtub and shower. Introducing a modern freestanding tub with a shower can be an excellent idea. It will help free space that you can use creatively to spruce up the room.

Stand-alone tubs with showers are also perfect for freeing up space. You can add them to your bathrooms to make them feel bigger and better. Keeping the shower right above the freestanding bathtub can also help add to the beauty of your bathroom space.

  1. Make the Most of Wall Spaces

The walls dictate the overall look of your bathroom. You can put in some work to ensure they look better than standard walls. As said before, paint can help make the space feel bigger. But you can also consider adding storage spaces, wall paneling, and wall lighting.

Storage helps make your bathroom feel bigger because it encourages organization. Any small but organized space can feel bigger than it is. For instance, you will have enough space for towels and other items that require storage which can help clear up your bathroom. 

  1. Install Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets serve a dual purpose of style and storage in small bathrooms. They provide streamlined aesthetics, control clutter, and offer customization choices with regard to styles, sizes, and finishes. Some vanity cabinets with mirrors can help visually expand a space by reflecting light.

Vertical storage and functional designs give the illusion of space while simultaneously maximizing utility. By picking lighter tones or floating designs, vanity cabinets can make the bathroom feel more open. Eventually, they are a key element in creating a spacious and stylish environment in small bathrooms. Visit this link to explore the options available in these space-saving solutions. 

  1. Choose a Wall-Mounted Faucet

A wall-mounted faucet can be an excellent addition to your space. It gets mounted on the walls like lighting, making it a perfect option for saving space. It can help you reduce items you’ll need to install at the center of the bathroom, where you need the most space.

You can also find a freestanding bathtub that will reduce the need to have a wall-mounted faucet. This is a tub that comes with a faucet attached to it. Or, you can buy a freestanding tub faucet as an accessory.

  1. Less Is More With Bathrooms
Source: Pixabay

Another way to make spaces look bigger is to be a minimalist. The less you go with everything, the better it will be for you. For instance, you can go with a small freestanding tub to achieve that. It will make getting the desired results almost effortless.

It would be best if you also didn’t have massive shelves, even though they’ll help you stay organized. Big shelves will consume a lot of space, which you can save by having smaller ones. Thus, ensure you keep items small, even if it means having them customized for your space.

  1. Eliminate Clutter

Nothing consumes more space than clutter, mainly in bathrooms. If you have a small space, ensure you only keep necessities in it to ensure there’s more space. For instance, you should ensure that you only have items that you need for showering or soaking in a bathtub.

Also, do not keep extra accessories that you do not need. If your bathroom has a faucet and sink, you should avoid buying a freestanding tub faucet. You do not need an extra faucet because the bathroom will mostly get used by one person at a time.


Those are some of the best ideas that can help improve your bathroom space. You now know that it’s possible to even have a tub in your small space. If you were scared of adding one, a stand-alone tub and shower would do it for you without making your space feel squeezed.

You can also consider adding a modern freestanding tub. One reason to consider a freestanding bathroom tub is that it will fit into your small space and bring that sophisticated feel to it. You can also customize it with freestanding tub accessories to add luxury and elegance.

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