8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Cybersecurity Experts

Are you considering hiring cybersecurity experts? But you’re unsure if you’re doing the right thing.

Sounds like the inside of your head.

Because cybersecurity for businesses is a big part of making it thrive, it’s no surprise that it’s an important thing for a business owner to think about. However, it’s also a complicated and intricate part of a business that can be hard to wrap your head around.

To mitigate confusing yourself even further, it’s crucial to find the right questions before you get to work. Here’s what you should think about.

1. What Relevant It Security Experience Do You Have?

When hiring a cybersecurity professional, it is important to ask what relevant IT security experience they have. This experience should not only address the immediate need, but could also include any additional expertise that the expert could bring to the company.

Through inquiries on certifications, previous work history, and experience working with different technologies, organizations can gain insight into the expert’s technical knowledge and proficiency with security systems.

Additionally, organizations should ask about any recent training and continuing professional education undertaken by the expert. This allows the company to make an informed decision on the most suitable candidate to manage their IT security needs. 

2. What Is My Organization’s Biggest Security Risk?

When hiring cybersecurity experts, it’s important to ask them what your organization’s biggest security risk is. This will help your experts create an effective security strategy that can help protect your organization from the most serious security threats.

Knowing what the potential risks are will help the cybersecurity experts determine what controls to put in place along with which security tools and solutions would be best for your organization.

It can also help you to better understand the actions you must take to prevent security incidents from occurring. Knowing the biggest security risks can help your organization focus on mitigating those risks and better protect itself from attack. 

3. Who’s Going to Perform the Actual Work?

An organization should try to learn more about the staff that will be responsible for providing the services. It is also important to identify whether those involved have the appropriate credentials for the job.

It is also good to verify the employment history and references from previous engagements. Additionally, it would be wise to ask the expert about the security processes that will be implemented and if the organization will be kept informed throughout the engagement.

Furthermore, the organization should ask if the team includes other subject matter experts such as IT specialists or developers. Ultimately, the organization should feel comfortable that their cybersecurity experts are knowledgeable and qualified to provide the service they need.

4. How Will You Communicate With Me About the Work You Do?

When it comes to cyber security, having strong communication between the expert you hire and yourself is critical for success. As such, it is important to ensure that you ask questions before hiring a cyber security expert to gain an understanding of what their communication approach and style will be like.

When asking this question, be sure to specify your expectations for communication such as frequency of updates, sit-down meetings, video calls, email check-ins, etc. and make sure that the candidate is willing to oblige.

Additionally, be sure to inquire as to what type of reporting system they use to track progress on the work being performed so that you can have visibility into their work and get a clear update on the overall progress. 

5. What Will You Need From My Company to Get the Job Done?

Before hiring any cybersecurity expert, it is important to ask the following question: “What will you need from my company to get the job done?” This question will help ensure adequate preparations are in place to support the cybersecurity expert’s work.

The expert may need permission to access specific areas of your company’s network as well as access to computers, servers, and employee files. Knowing what is needed from the get-go will prevent many delays down the road.

Your company should also ensure the cybersecurity expert and any third-parties involved have signed proper agreements to protect you and your assets in case a breach occurs. Asking the above question will help ensure successful implementation of your company’s cybersecurity requirements.

6. Are You Going to Provide Training for My Employees?

Employees are a key component in maintaining an organization’s cybersecurity strategy and they need to be properly trained in order to properly protect the company’s assets and data.

Training should include topics such as the basics of cybersecurity, laws and regulations, password security, antivirus software, best practices for safe web browsing, how to review for suspicious activity, and more.

Having all employees well-educated in cybersecurity measures helps to minimize the potential damages from cyberthreats. It’s important to ask what kind of training the cybersecurity experts offer, how it’s administered and what format it is available in. 

7. Have You Ever Taken Down a Network During Testing?

This question helps hiring managers identify the expert’s experience and ability to identify and prevent potential risks or cyber security vulnerabilities. Taking down a network during testing demonstrates the best penetration testing companies ability to identify and remedy security flaws. 

The answer to this question also speaks to the expert’s experience in implementing and deploying solutions to prevent malicious attacks. Furthermore, experience in taking down a network during test means the expert would have the necessary technical and crisis management skills to identify, respond to, and mitigate potential security threats. 

8. What Security Measures Did You Implement in Your Previous Job?

Knowing their experience in this area is vital to ensuring that your systems are well-protected from any malicious attempts. Being able to assess the prior security measures that were taken to protect customers’ confidential information, employee data, and physical assets should be a top priority.

Additionally, asking the candidate to discuss their experience with industry standard technical protocols and best practices for system security will allow you to gauge their understanding of the latest cybersecurity solutions. 

Ask Cybersecurity Experts These Questions

Cyber security is of utmost importance in this digital age. With the right questions, you can successfully hire cybersecurity experts that meets your needs.

Be sure to weigh out your options before making your decision & if you need help with deciding, be sure to consult a specialist. With the right information, you can make the best decision for your company.

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