8 Helpful Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Inverter Battery’s Life

For an inverter to perform effectively for an extended duration, battery backup is of utmost necessity. In the current global scenario, where almost everyone is working from home, the power supply might disrupt the workflow, hampering productivity. It is much tougher to concentrate and work on tight schedules owing to intermittent power cuts. A good quality inverter with a powerful battery backup can solve this issue during a power outage. Hence, a powerful inverter battery is what you require to evade this problem.

You can follow some tips to ensure the inverter battery remains functional for a long time; let’s have a look!

Examine the Battery when 100% Charged

In order to examine the inverter battery, you need to charge it properly. You need to make sure that your battery is charged for 10-15 hours using a suitable battery before carrying out a proper health check. Therefore, before you examine it, you need to remove it from the front panel along with detachment from the wall socket.

Cleansing the Battery Terminal

For maintenance purposes, you have to clean the terminal area of the battery during regular operation. It would help if you cleared out the excess lead sulfate. It enhances the electrical resistance and disrupts the flow from the inverter to the converter. Clean the terminals with hot water and baking soda and apply petroleum jelly

Keep a Clean Battery Surface

It is essential to provide a clean battery surface free from dust. The best possible way is to remove the dirt with a cotton cloth. 

Install the Battery in Spacious Zone

To maintain the battery, it is essential to keep the battery in an airy place. It generates cool air and prevents the battery from overheating. It is not advisable to store or keep the battery in sunlight. It is always recommended to place the battery away from flammable objects; this might create an electrical fire outage and cause a major problem.

Replace the Battery as and when Required

The depreciation or degradation of an asset takes place over time. So, when the battery quality degrades, the capacity also reduces. At this stage, sealed batteries are the best option since they do not require maintenance and don’t leak battery water.

Don’t Overload

In order to bring electricity when there is a power cut, a UPS battery comes into the picture. When there is a power cut, the backup period would be reduced if the battery is fully loaded. Therefore, it is essential to disconnect and detach all the devices that aren’t required. This can enhance the backup of your battery once plugged in.

Use of Energy Saving Gadgets

In order to increase power consumption, the use of power-saving devices as well as appliances can be a good idea. The use of CFL or LED bulbs can be a very good option. So, it is necessary to disconnect the devices that consume a considerable portion of energy. This mitigates 75% of power consumption than standard incandescent bulbs. 

Modify the Level of Water Frequently

You need to examine the level of water once in two months of the inverter battery. It would be best if you kept the level between upper and lower limits. Don’t fill up the inverter battery with purified water. Also, it is not advisable to mix with tap water since it contains minerals, which can affect battery efficiency. Every battery comes with some form of maintenance, in order to keep your inverter up and running, it is essential to have a good battery backup. Luminous batteries come with a superior build and exceptional durability. Therefore, even if you keep a small inverter, it will ensure that your battery has a good backup. They are famous for coming up with extended battery backup as per industry standards. Hopefully, this article gives you an in-depth idea about the benefits of an inverter battery. You can choose now the best one as per your requirements.

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