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7 Things Your Competitors do to Increase Instagram Engagement 

Have you recently noticed that your competitors are doing really great on Instagram? Their posts are brimming with engagement. People can’t seem to stop gushing over them while you’re barely getting a handful of likes and comments.

Instagram can be a very competitive marketplace to navigate, especially if you’re just starting out. It is oversaturated with content and your posts can easily get lost if not enough people engage with them.

Watching your competitors shine can be discouraging when you’re barely making progress. 

How do they bring in so many likes and comments? Why are their posts receiving such high engagement? You’ve probably asked yourself these questions to identify what they’re doing that you haven’t tried yet.

But Instagram is still a great place to market your business. According to statistics, about 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily. 

Thankfully, it’s all a matter of using the right marketing strategies. You can set your goals and develop a tactic that’s tailored to your needs to get good results like your competitors. This includes knowing when to post, leveraging Instagram’s features and going to the best sites to buy real and active Instagram followers.

7 Effective Tricks Your Competitors Use to Increase Their Instagram Engagement:

Choosing the Best Time to Post

Getting the timing right is essential when you’re posting on Instagram. You can expect great results if you post at times when your target audience is most active on the app.

Factors like demographics and time zone are essential to identifying the right time to post. You can enlist the help of the Instagram analytics tool to see when everyone is most active.

Using Paid Engagement 

Believe it or not, many brands buy Instagram followers to boost their profiles. Some people are wary of using paid engagement. But the results are legitimate as long you find the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

When you buy genuine followers, it gives you credibility and brings more people to your brand.

Motivating Client and Employee Posts

Your customers and employees can be your biggest advocates. When a client posts a positive review of your brand, it helps to build trust with the audience and increase conversions.

Your employees can also help your brand image. They can provide an unfiltered behind-the-scenes of your company that users haven’t seen before. This can help your audience familiarise themselves with your brand values too.

Using CTA While Posting

Using a call to action when you post content prompts users to notice your products and services.

Many businesses use CTA to get a favourable action from their viewers. 

 This eventually results in more clicks to your website. You can add a  CTA to posts, stories and videos.

Studying Competitors and Audience 

You can study customer behaviour to better understand the kind of content they want from you. Using Instagram story polls or surveys is a great way to do this.

Studying your competitors’ marketing tactics is a great way to understand what your brand needs. You can try to identify gaps in their strategies to improve your own.

Using Multiple Post Formats

Instagram offers versatile ways to upload your content. Successful brands will often leverage all post formats to gain engagement.

You can post a variation of Instagram stories, carousel posts, videos and reels. Each format caters to different sets of users and brings in a high amount of saves and shares.

Giving Importance to Networking 

Besides posting content, it is also necessary to build connections with people around you. A high-performing brand always engages in solid networking strategies. This means responding to comments, DMs and queries.

You can also connect with Instagram communities in your niche. Interacting with your competitors is a great way to study their brand growth too.


Instagram is considered a social media powerhouse for marketing brands. With many brands competing for attention, it takes a good strategy to streamline engagement to your profile. This means that you have to include CTAs, buy Instagram followers and analyse the marketplace to get results.

When you see high-performing brands, you probably wonder why you don’t get the same level of engagement. But you can rest assured you’re not the only one who feels this way.

These tips are followed religiously by many of your competitors. All you need to do is to apply them to your own Instagram account and watch your engagement blow up.

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