7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer

About one in five businesses say their main website issue is low traffic. However, almost 40% of your visitors will leave if your site is poorly designed. Another 38.5% will judge your site at a glance.

If you’re not investing in professional, unique web design, your business might not grow. Here are seven reasons to hire a professional web designer this year. After reading this guide, you can determine if the investment will benefit your business. 

Read on to discover the benefits of professional web design services today.

1. Appeal to Customers

Eye-catching, modern web design can help you appeal to your ideal target audience. Before hiring a web design agency, determine if they’ve helped businesses like yours in the past. An experienced web design company will have a keen understanding of your industry and target market.

They can customize your website with your target audience in mind.

Knowing how to appeal to your distinct target audience will help you generate leads and sales. If your website doesn’t align with their interests, they’ll leave. As more people leave your website, your bounce rate will increase. 

A high bounce rate will hurt your digital advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. For example, your digital advertising quality scores will drop, causing your cost-per-click to increase. Your organic search engine rankings will drop, affecting your ability to generate future website traffic. 

With help from a professional website designer, you can create a website that suits your audience’s needs and expectations. An eye-catching website will also help you leave a strong impression on customers. Remember, many consumers will judge your website—and, by extension, your business—at only a glance.

If they don’t like what they see, it could cost you business. Leaving a strong first impression will encourage them to explore your site.

Your dwell times will increase, improving your organic rankings. The likelihood that you’ll convert a visitor into a lead or sale will increase, too. 

2. Improve the User Experience

A strong user experience (UX) indicates your website is easy to navigate and use. To improve the UX, your website design will ensure your site is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Secure
  • Easy to navigate

Your website’s design can affect the UX. For example, if there are too many elements on a page, the site can lag. A slow website will frustrate visitors, causing them to leave.

Your web designer can organize your web pages using minimalistic design trends. They can remove unnecessary page elements for cleaner design. Adding white space will give page elements room to breathe, making pages easier to explore. 

A stronger UX can benefit your paid advertising and SEO efforts. You could have an easier time generating leads. 

If your website is a cluttered mess, consider investing in website design services this year. Look for a team that understands UX design trends. 

3. Remain Relevant

An outdated website can make your business look behind the times. Customers might struggle to trust your brand if it appears outdated. They might turn their attention to an up-and-coming business instead. 

Working with a professional website designer will allow you to remain relevant. They can apply the latest website design trends to modernize your website. 

If you try to update your website yourself, you might choose trends that cause your site to lag. Applying too many changes can do more harm than good. An experienced designer will help you choose trends that will appeal to your target audience.

Remaining relevant will help you gain a competitive advantage. You can appear ahead of the curve compared to competitors within your niche. Customers might feel more inclined to trust your brand over another. 

4. Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization will help your web content rank higher on search engines like Google. Improving your organic rankings will help you generate more traffic and brand awareness. Ranking ahead of competing businesses can help you gain credibility within your niche.

Your website’s design and development can benefit or hurt your search engine rankings.

Look for a web design agency that understands SEO and Google’s Core Web Vitals. They can optimize your website to help you appear for relevant searches. 

Google’s search engine algorithm changes throughout the year. If you’re not keeping up with relevant trends, your rankings may drop. 

5. Generate Leads and Sales

A well-designed website can help you generate more leads and sales. 

For example, you can improve the user experience to direct more people to your online shop or forms. You can simplify forms to ensure visitors can complete them quickly. If the form is complicated, they might give up halfway through.

If you’re inexperienced with eCommerce website design, you might struggle to maintain your online store. Your website might not show off your products, potentially costing you sales.

Working with a website designer will ensure your website aligns with your goals. Generating more leads and sales through your website will boost your ROI.

6. Save Time and Money

Trying to update your website without design experience could cause you to break your site. If there’s an issue, visitors will leave frustrated. You could waste valuable time trying to design your website alone.

Meanwhile, DIY builders have limited capabilities. Your website won’t look unique, either.

Working with a web designer will save you time and money. You can focus on your business while they update your site.

7. Stronger Digital Marketing

A well-designed website can act as the backbone of an effective digital marketing campaign. Work with a designer to ensure your site is aligned with your marketing goals. 

Without a strong website, people might struggle to learn about your business. They might turn to your competitors instead. Before that happens, invest in web design services this year.

Investing in professional Website Design is an investment in your business. 

Hire a Professional Web Designer Today

An eye-catching website can help you stand out within your industry. Consider these seven reasons to hire a professional web designer this year. With their help, you can save time while setting your business up to grow.

Invest in your website (and business) with professional services this year.

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