6 Common Mistakes with Buying Medicine Online and How to Avoid Them 

Over 131 million people (66% of people in the US) use prescription medication. Spending on prescription drugs increases with age. If you’re not careful, you could waste valuable money on ineffective or even dangerous products.

Here are six mistakes with buying medicine online that you need to avoid. Otherwise, making these mistakes could compromise your health.

Read on to find an online pharmacy website and products you can trust today.

1. Ignoring the Domain

Before choosing an online pharmacy, check the website’s domain name. You should see “.pharmacy” as the domain, which indicates the pharmacy is legitimate. 

Look for websites that also display the NABP Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Seal.

Websites that have “.com” at the end of the web address can be legitimate. However, choosing websites with the “.pharmacy” domain can give you additional peace of mind. These pharmacies meet state licensing requirements and higher standards. 

2. Falling for Cheap Prices

Avoid falling for super bargain prices. If the pricing appears too good to be true, it likely is.

Instead, take the time to compare your options for medicine between different online pharmacies. Comparing medicine prices can help you determine what price to expect. If one pharmacy offers extremely low pricing compared to the rest, avoid that pharmacy.

Some illegitimate pharmacies offer low prices by adding harmful fillers to their medications. These medications could put your health at risk. At the same time, you won’t receive the medication you actually need.

3. Not Looking for the Seal

Always check for the VIPPS seal before choosing an online pharmacy. Legitimate, US-based pharmacies will display this seal. VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Sites.

Finding websites that feature this seal can help you feel more confident in your choice. These online pharmacies are screened and approved by the NABP.

Instead of making a purchase from an illegitimate US-based pharmacy, consider shopping from canadianpharmacyonline.com.

4. Never Sending a Prescription

Don’t trust an online pharmacy unless they ask for your prescription. Otherwise, you might not receive the medication you need. The pharmacy should provide you with access to a qualified pharmacist. 

If a professional isn’t available, remove that pharmacy from your list of options. 

5. Not Choosing Secure Sites

A qualified, verified pharmacy will prioritize your health and security. Make sure the website has an SSL certificate. You should see a lock in front of the website’s URL within your browser.

If the website isn’t secure, don’t trust them with your private information. Otherwise, they could gain access to your address, medical history, credit card information, and other details. These websites could put your security at risk.

6. Neglecting the List

Before completing your purchase, check the NABP’s Not Recommended Sites List. These pharmacies don’t comply with federal laws or online pharmacy best practices. These websites won’t consider your safety.

Avoid shopping from these online pharmacies. 

Avoid These Mistakes With Buying Medicine Online

Don’t rush to complete your purchase when shopping for medicine. Instead, avoid these mistakes with buying medicine online by doing your due diligence. Review your options and choose a trustworthy legitimate pharmacy. 

Choosing the right online pharmacy will benefit your health.

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