5 Reasons To Buy Insurance on ICICI Mobile App

Problems always come uninvited. You must be well-prepared to face any financial adversity that may occur in the future. It is a common myth that savings are enough to maintain financial stability. However, if you think practically, you’ll realize that savings alone aren’t enough to sustain when a financially stable life. Insuring your assets is a vital aspect of attaining true financial freedom. Buying insurance will make financial planning realistic and make you smoothly face any problem in life. The key to financial security is insuring your assets. However, buying insurance can be confusing at times. To make the process simple, ICICI mobile app offers easy solutions to buy insurance. Here are 5 reasons why buying insurance on ICICI mobile app will be a wise and financial decision. 

Seamless policy purchase with a click of a button– Gone are the days when buying insurance was a cumbersome task. With the ICICI mobile app, the tedious paperwork can be done with a click of a button. You no longer have to visit agents to buy insurance. You can buy health insurance, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, etc., from anywhere just by downloading the ICICI mobile app and fulfilling some formalities. Unexpected events can dent your financial position. Therefore, buying insurance is the only way out to prepare yourself for such adversities. Buy insurance online on the ICICI mobile app and undergo zero-paper work to get your assets insured. 

Purchasing an insurance policy on the mobile app can help you escape the complex steps involved in buying insurance otherwise. To your aid, ICICI offers you the opportunity to buy insurance just by a click of a button and makes your financial planning accessible.

A cost-effective way to buy insurance- Purchasingan insurance policy on our app can help you save costs. Some discounts can be availed on the purchase of insurance policies online. Additionally, when you opt to buy insurance through the mobile app, you get the advantage of choosing from various payment options like credit card, net banking, debit card, etc. The cost of documentation and paperwork can be saved by opting for the purchase of an insurance policy online. 

When you choose to get insurance through a mobile app, you directly buy from the insurer, and there are no middlemen involved, which means the cost of selling by the insurer gets saved, and therefore the customer doing the online transaction can get discounts, premiums, etc. As the commission of the middlemen gets saved, you get to buy a cost-effective insurance deal. 

Automation of services- Once you purchase insurance on the IL take care app, you can avail a plethora of services in the comfort of your home. You can download important documents to understand your policy details just by clicking a button. You no longer have to depend on someone to keep track of your existing insurance policy. The policyholder can simply use the mobile app to look for information and solve any issue. Having the mobile app, the process of policy renewal has also become hassle-free. Added to that, you can easily access vital tools such as an EMI calculator, Income tax calculator, pension calculator, BMI calculator, etc. 

The ICICI mobile app is a one-stop solution for all your insurance needs. You can complete your vehicle verification, take a health check with a face scan, get daily insights on your health, and perform more important activities online conveniently. 

Make an informed policy purchase– Buying an insurance policy is an intricate process. It is essential to go through all the terms and conditions before making the purchase. Having the ICICI insurance app you get exposure to detailed information on various policies, which helps you to take an informed decision. An app can assist you in not missing any detail while trying to get insurance policies. An informed policy purchase will enable you to create wealth and secure yourself and your loved ones from any adversity. 

Download the ICICI mobile app from the Google Play store or Appstore to buy insurance policies, file claims, pay premiums, download statements, etc. and get access to detailed information on every step you take. With everything available on an app, you can make an informed decision. 

Saves time and secures documents– Going through the offline process of buying an insurance policy takes a lot of time. The application process offline can sometimes take days, and all the paperwork required can make the process seem daunting. On the other hand, if you buy policies on the mobile app, you can verify your documents by undergoing some simple steps and get insured in a minimum time. 

Added to that, hardcopy of the insurance documents can get lost, which can cause trouble later. Once you lose the policy-related documents, reclaiming them is another hectic task. The easiest way out is to buy insurance on the mobile app, where you can get the softcopy of the documents and keep them safe your entire life. You can easily access them from anywhere at any time. 

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