5 Benefits of a Ceramic Crown

While your classic Hollywood smile is stunning, it may not be award-winning. Unless you get a tooth replacement, that is. Your teeth rot, crack, and break just like any other part of your body, but this can happen out of sight.

Without proper dental care, you may not know about the hidden damage. You need to schedule a cavity search. The sooner you catch it, the less expensive it will be to fix it.

You get several repair options, but the most popular is a ceramic crown. Keep reading and explore its benefits below.

Let’s get into it!

1. Biocompatibility

Ceramic crowns are made from metal-free materials, making them more biocompatible than traditional metal crowns. Additionally, they are more natural-looking than metal and are also gentler on the gums and surrounding tissue.

Unlike metal, they do not corrode and are not vulnerable to rotting. Patients with metal allergies can benefit from ceramic crowns because of their non-reactive chemical nature.

In short, ceramic crowns offer a safe and long-lasting solution for the preservation of overall oral health.

2. Durable and Long Lasting Protection

These crowns provide an excellent and durable form of protection for teeth that have been weakened by decay or fracture. This allows patients to feel secure that their tooth is protected from any further damage.

Also, the ceramic material is very strong and can withstand daily wear and tear while still providing the patient with a natural-looking smile. In addition, it gives tooth wear protection because it supports chipping.

Ultimately, ceramic crowns are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care. 

3. Low Maintenance

Unlike other materials, ceramic crowns do not require any extra care to maintain a healthy and attractive smile. They are also relatively easy to clean and require little to no upkeep.

Additionally, they are a great option for those wishing to maintain the whiteness and aesthetic beauty of their smile. Lastly, there’s no extra effort to ensure a defect-free smile, perfect for those looking for an easy-care dental solution.

4. Highly Convenient

Ceramic crowns are ready-made and usually come in several different shades. This makes them easier to match to the surrounding teeth. They are also less expensive and can be placed quickly with minimal discomfort.

In addition, they don’t require any placement preparation, and they don’t transfer electrical currents, which is much safer. Lastly, due to their strength, they can last a long time with proper care. 

5. Resistant to Staining and Discoloration

This tooth replacement has a robust, non-porous structure making them protected from staining. This means you can go about your daily oral care routine without worrying about your teeth becoming discolored.

Furthermore, the material of ceramic crowns is highly resistant to thermal shock. This is the reason why sudden changes in temperatures are less likely to cause damage or discoloration.

This is important, as temperature shifts are one of the main causes of discoloration with traditional crowns. If you’re considering this procedure, visit dentalartsofok.com and get a tooth replacement today! 

The Top Benefits of Investing in a Ceramic Crown

At the end of the day, ceramic crowns are a great choice for people who need a natural-looking, durable crown. With their longevity and realistic presentation, they can provide an amazing benefit to those who need to restore their smile.

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