4 Must-Have Remote Management Tools for Efficient Team Collaboration

On a global scale, 16% of organizations are fully remote, while 40% operate on a hybrid model. After the pandemic struck, it became clear that digital work was vital, even after the world returned to normal.

While online work can be more convenient, it does come with some growing pains, especially for business owners. For example, it can be difficult to collaborate on projects, especially since all stakeholders are in different places.

For this issue, you need to have good remote management tools on your side. Keep reading for four must-have tools for managing remote teams.

1. Communication and Collaboration Tool

Because you can’t easily meet up in one room to discuss projects, a user-friendly communication and collaboration tool is a must.

Many companies use Slack, which lets you chat and share files. You can create different channels so your various departments and teams can have a dedicated place to talk. You can even create a virtual water cooler where they can relax and bond in their spare time.

You may need an additional video conferencing tool if you feel like your teams can benefit from face-to-face interactions. With this, you can screen share and record for later use. If needed, you can create breakout rooms for smaller group discussions.

2. Project Management Tool

A project management tool will make project goals and timelines clear to everyone involved.

You can organize tasks, set priorities, and track progress. In addition, you can assign tasks and due dates, as well as add file attachments and comment threads.

When it’s easy to view workflows, you can ensure that all remote team members are staying on track.

3. Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software allows users to connect to and control a computer or virtual machine (VM) from other devices. This means that your workers can access their work computers from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

This type of remote desktop software is especially beneficial for hybrid workplaces. You won’t have to transport computers or laptops from place to place; instead, you can log into a work device with a home computer with this software and utilize remote access privileges.

4. Cloud Storage and File Sharing Tool

Having access to all project files is crucial, and there’s nothing more annoying than trying to upload something, only to find that there’s not enough space.

Cloud storage lets you store, access, and collaborate on things in real time. And because there’s so much storage space, you won’t have to worry about setbacks there.

Use These Remote Management Tools

With the right remote management tools, you can create a smooth transition to either a hybrid or completely remote workforce.

While we’ve given you four amazing tools to utilize, don’t expect everything to work perfectly straight away. Allow some time for your workers to get used to the new pieces of tech, and they’ll work together like a well-oiled machine before you know it!

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