3 Tips to Increase Your Small Business’ Website Visibility on Google

Did you know that the average click-through rate for the first organic result in Google search is 28.5 percent? To put that into perspective, if Google presents a search result to 100,000 people, about 28,000 of them will land on the top-ranked website.

As a small business, such kind of traffic is a big deal. If your traffic conversion strategy is effective, you’ll probably run out of stock that day!

Although the click-through rate declines sharply as you go down the search results, the point is clear: great website visibility on Google is good for business.

Read on to learn more about what you need to do to increase the online visibility of your business website.

1. Work on Website Design

It’s understandable if content is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of search engine optimization. Sure, content is the lead actor, but it needs a supporting cast, web design being an indispensable one.

Web design isn’t just great for creating great first impressions for website visitors. It’s also good for SEO.

First, poor design discourages users from spending time on the site and browsing around. This increases the bounce rate, which is bad for SEO.

Second, themes, plugins, media files and scripts, which are all elements of web design, have an impact on page load time. If a bad design is causing the website to load slowly, there will be negative SEO consequences.

Third, Google uses a mobile-first index. Good web design means the site is mobile-friendly or responsive, which is a plus for SEO.

Therefore, start by working on your site’s design. Hire a professional designer to redesign the site with an SEO approach in mind.

2. Content, Content, Content

Every day, millions of people go to Google to find answers to their queries. To help, Google directs them to web pages with helpful content.

That’s why content is the cornerstone of SEO.

Implementing a content marketing strategy will help boost your site’s visibility on Google. This involves creating a blog and attaching it to your website. You then must embark on creating blog posts that are informative, engaging, and most importantly, optimized around relevant keywords.

Content creation requires time and expertise. Reach out to a professional service, like iWriter content writing, and let them work the magic for you.

3. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While SEO is a cost-effective strategy for improving your website’s visibility, the truth is it takes time and you may not even get to the top of search engine results, let alone the first page. The competition is simply too fierce.

The good news is you have a shortcut to the top of search results: PPC advertising.

You’ve seen those sponsored websites that show up above the first organic result. You can put your website in the same spot, but it will cost you. Every time a user clicks on the link, you’ll pay. Hence the name, pay-per-click.

PPC advertising is effective when well-optimized, but it’s not sustainable for the long term. You should mix it up with other strategies.

Get Maximum Website Visibility

Your business website is an important tool, especially if you’re in ecommerce. Just as important is the website’s visibility in Google. If it’s not on the first page of search engine results, it’s not helping the business.

Be sure to use these strategies to increase your website visibility. And keep reading our blog for more digital marketing advice.

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