11 Things That Preserve Powers of Rudraksh Rakhi Beads

Rudraksh is revered for spiritual significance. Rudraksh beads are known for attracting powers in their seeds. Such seeds of power may have taken shapes in various amulets and Rakhi designs. However, each design holds a promising place in the Hindu Customer practice. So, in order to unravel the mysteries behind these highly auspicious beads, let’s decode the power of Rudraksh Rakhi:

  1. Where do Rudraksh Beads come from:

Rudraksh seeds have been recorded in the Holy Scriptures. They feel that the tears that fell upon the earth’s Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree in the foothills of the Himalayas were the tears that Lord Shiva shed upon this world. Thus, These Beads, when backed by Bholenath, came to be associated with the protection and vitality of the most divine.

  • The Sacred Fruit Bearing Rudraksh Plant:

In modern science, Rudraksh beads are said to be procured from a flower that ripes into fruit from the Utrasum Bean tree. They are grown from a feather-like flower that weathers like tears of the season and rips into a blue fig in a tall evergreen marble tree, which, in India, we call the tree that bears the prayer beads.

  • Procure Rudraksh from a Trusted Source:

Rudraksh beads are not ordinary beads. Certain conditions are maintained to grow the divine connection on earth through Rudraksh’s Rakhi beads. As they ripen, they appear closer to Lord Shiva’s skin tone.

Finding an authentic source of pure Rudrakh beads isn’t as simple as hitting your local supermarket. Rudraksh Rakhi from Rakhibazaar is one of the very few stores left in India that carefully collects Mukhi Rudraksh Varieties sourced from Nepal and a few from Indonesia for their special customized demands for their customer.

  • Reservoir of Natural and Cosmic Energies:

When we connect with nature and the universe at the right time, our body’s energy centres (chakras) open up to receive higher vibrations. These can have a positive impact on our overall well-being. You may have heard about the healing properties associated with Rudraksh beads. For ages, Rudraksh has been believed to be a physical form of Lord Shiva and has been used in Ayurveda to treat various ailments and as an anti-inflammatory.

  • Rudraksh Rakhi Maximise Power in Odd Number:

Since Rudraksh’s cosmic healing beads are natural, they attract cosmic charges. Hindu Priests have noted that an odd-numbered Rudraksh can enhance its positive effect on the wearer.

Counting the Beads in odd numbers of 1,3,5,7,9, you can ensure that the cosmic flow of all things will begin to penetrate the life of your brother towards the light in the Power of Shiva’s holy beads in Rakhi. So, choose only genuine beads to buy rakhi for brother from Rakhi Bazaar.

  • Monday Wields the Cycle of Seeds to Conspire Blessing:

Some people even say that worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday means giving all your troubles to Lord Shiva so that he can take them away from you. Similarly, the Beads of Rudraksh Rakhi extend their field of power and become stronger on a special day, such as Monday, to make your brother’s prayers powerful.

  • Cleanse Body To Enhance Spiritual Purification:

Rudraksh beads are not ordinary. Prepare your body to receive the blessings of cosmic energy and enrich your life. The power of these spiritual beads is fully harnessed when the body is thoroughly cleansed with a bath before wearing them.

  • Material of String Matter in Preserving Power:-

The enormous powers that the beads of Shiva contain are to be worn in Silk and Cotton. Unless you want a duality of spirituality infused by earthly power, Metal holds earthly powers. To heighten the chant, among all metals, Silver and Gold are the noblest Metals that can be coupled with Rudrakhs to make bracelets.

So, for fashionable Bracelet Rakhi in Rudraksh, you can definitely choose the purest metals from online rakhi shop, such as gold and silver. If you really want to switch to a more durable Rudraksh look on the wrist for your brother.

  • Dedicate a Sacred Spot to Place Rakhi Beads:-

Since Rudraksh radiates infinite energy, a sacred, clean sport must be dedicated to placing the beads at rest. Steer clear all your electronic gadgets and objects that correspond to charges and radio waves. Avoid allowing your Rudraksh Rakhi to be interfered with by materialistic airwaves to preserve the natural energies that sound divine.

  1. Refrain from Letting Others Touch Beads:

The Rudraksh beads are more likely to be energy-absorbent than any other beads. There is a strong belief that the Rudraksh beads can absorb the energies of anyone who touches them, and such interference may obstruct the intended spiritual impact.

  1. Refrain from Consuming Indulging Items:

When experiencing a blockage in spiritual energy, it is advisable to be cautious and avoid activities such as consuming non-vegetarian food, smoking, or drinking alcohol. Engaging in these activities while wearing Rudraksh Beads can lead to a loss of senses and erode the Gifted Powers. Hindering the process of increasing awareness can disrupt the energies and degrade spiritual growth itself.


Knowing where the prayer beads come from can help you choose the best online store that will procure only the finest and most genuine beads. This way, you can send your health-felt wishes of health and wealth with authentic designs in Rudraksh Rakhi.

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